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I’m a veteran product designer from Oklahoma. I design simple and intuitive interfaces that meet people’s needs. From oil field applications to e-commerce sites, this empathy has always guided my career. Recently, it's led me to design products that disrupt the status quo for Air Force applications.

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Stewart Hines

Three Steps To Deliver A Consistent Product

Over my 11-year career, I’ve learned to follow a simple process that puts the users first. By following this process, trends and tools don’t matter.

Know the user

Before opening a tool, I build a relationship with the people using the app. I want to know the jobs they need to get done.

Craft the interface

I craft the interface around the user’s needs. I use a combination of flow maps, wireframes, mock ups, and prototypes.

Test and repeat

As I complete each phase of the design process, I observe or present to the users to stay on track. Then, I repeat the process.


  • My Team worked directly with engineers at Tinker, AFB.
  • We interviewed their stakeholders and used a requirement doc to guide our process.
  • I worked closely with the stakeholders to design a web interface.
  • I used flow maps, sketches, and wire frames to test ideas.
  • After building the interface I designed an Anautics Design System.
  • I oversaw the development of the front end.
  • I became the point of contact for the project.
Axil UI
A screen showing a gas lift unit's telemetry values.
A screen showing a gas lift unit's information.
A screen showing a gas lift unit's valve calculator.

Industrial Process Control

  • I Worked with the Anautics CEO and engineers from Hill, AFB.
  • I used a white paper, an interview, and a rec document and created a flow map, and basic prototype.
  • The initial designs were built and presented in less than two weeks.
  • I modified my existing design system for this project.
  • My work proved the project's value for:
    • Providing a way to document and organize industrial processes that are currently undocumented.
    • Providing a way to quickly generate a CSV to plug into reporting software, saving time.
    • Providing a way to visualize the control time-gates associated with the processes.
Industrial Process Control, Gate View.


  • I interviewed customers and engineers to gain an understanding of the jobs that needed to be done.
  • Using this information I created User Personas.
  • I created flow maps, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • I built a design system across 3 iterations.
  • I designed both a desktop and mobile version of the application.
  • I designed the branding and marketing.
  • Our team used HotJar to observe user behavior.
  • I built and managed a release email through MailChimp.
Axil UI
A screen showing a gas lift unit's telemetry values.
A screen showing a gas lift unit's information.
A screen showing a gas lift unit's valve calculator.

APMEX Checkout

  • I worked with the CEO, VP's, & other teams
  • Used Flow-mapping, storyboarding, and wireframing to build the process based off of user research and business goals.
  • Built a prototype in Adobe XD
  • Increased conversion 3-5%
  • Developed the front-end & worked with devs to deploy
  • Used HotJar to observe user's behaviors
  • Used Google Optimize for A/B Testing
The checkout process for APMEX, inc.

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